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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes, all our products are registered by The Vegan Society and not tested on animals.

I have sensitive skin can I still use your products?

We suggest that you do a patch test first. Apply the product to the inside of a plaster, place this on the inside of your forearm, the back of the knees or behind the ears, a few suggested places and leave unwashed for 24 hours. Repeat a second time if you wish to test for sensitisation, itching, stinging, blemishes, redness or a feeling of heat.

When and how are your products made?

All our products have a shelf life from 6 to 12 months.

To ensure you receive the freshest products we hand make small batches of the products.

Our advice is: Start using your product daily when you receive it. Don't wait until the second/third month to use them. Store the products in a cool dark place.

Where can I buy your products?

Currently from our website: www.bodyenrich.co.uk.

I just placed my order how long does it take for me to receive them?

We aim to despatch orders within two working days and will email you to let you know when your order is on its way. We use Royal Mail first class postage for all our deliveries. Over 90% arrive the day after posting.

Do you ship worldwide?

We currently deliver to UK Mainland addresses only.

Do your products contain parabens?

No. Bodyenrich products contain a preservative called Preservative Eco. This preservative is suitable for all skin types.

What is the best way to store my products?

Bodyenrich products are best stored away from direct sunlight and below 25C. Most creams have a shelf life of about 12 months unopened and 5-6 months once you start using them.

During warm weather, it is normal for the butters and creams to become a little runnier and slight separation of oils to occur. This is normal, simply stir or shake the product to emulsify the ingredients. This does not affect the quality of the cream.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

Not at all, all the ingredients we use in our skincare range are vegan and eco-friendly of the highest quality.

Do you sell fragrance free products?

Not yet, however we are working on launching fragrance free products.

Can your products be used on children?

Bodyenrich products are free from skin-unfriendly ingredients such as, petrochemicals, sulphate detergents, animal ingredients, parabens or other potential irritants, you should first consult your GP or pharmacist before using any products.

Are Bodyenrich products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our products contain essential oils and fragrances which in high doses are not advised to use during pregnancy. We advise that if you have any concerns, you should speak to your doctor.

Why does my latest cream have a different consistency/colour/scent?

All Bodyenrich products are made by hand, meaning everything is measured by hand and it is absolutely normal to have a slight variation in richness or consistency from one batch to another. Because all our ingredients are natural and are crop dependent, there can be a variation in the colour, richness or smell of an ingredient too, which can also affect the consistency of the final product. Any difference in scent or colour is due to a natural variation of the ingredients used to prepare it. This does not affect the quality of your cream.